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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 24, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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keep us on the air came back in this building that is not officially open right now to put on this show. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unshaken. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> your policy has been one which i fully understand. i'm not second-guessing, of one child per family. >> wow. vice president biden understands china forcing family to have just one child? really? charles krauthammer will have analysis. [explosions] >> bill: chaos in libya and now there is debate over president
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obama did the right thing as far as qaddafi is concerned. we'll analyze that with karl rove. >> a lot of gull libel folks in the united states actually believe what fox puts forward as facts when most of it is just complete distortions. >> and has president obama momp morphed into jimmy carter? the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is president obama really responsible for the bad economy? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night we had a very lively debate with rodgers and ben stein about president obama's role in a dismal economy. mr. stein believes the president is a positive when it comes to economic matters saying his vision of government stimulus is a good thing. i, of course, disagree and i
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believe the facts back me up. mr. rogers says the president is a neutral for the economy. that it is congress who is most responsible for the out-of-control spending. again, i disagree. president obama is the leader of his party and democrats control both houses of congress for the first two years of his administration. clearly mr. obama sets the tone for how the american economy is presented to the world and the stats are grim; since barack obama took office the national debt has increased by $4 trillion. that's in just two and a half years. in 8 years. under president bush, a big spender, the national dent increased 4. trillion. so doing the math, if mr. obama's spending jag continues as is, he would run up almost $13 trillion in debt if he serves two terms that's nearly three times what bush did and far more than any president in american history. now, we like wayne rogers and ben stein. they are smart and honest guys. they are missing the big picture here. the president of the united states sets the agenda.
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mr. obama's party tried to get out of the recession by spending tax dollars the nation didn't have. not only did unemployment get worse, but the massive debt is now a crisis. so how on earth can you not hold president obama accountable? and, of course, americans are, as his poll numbers continue to drop. one big problem mr. obama is selecting bad advisors, shear a great example of what i'm talking about. the ceo of general electric, jeffrey immelt was appointed by mr. obama to chair, to chair the president's council on jobs and competitiveness. as vice president biden might say a big deal. now we find out that g.e. is launching a joint venture with china worth $2 billion to build jet airliners which will compete against boeing.
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and other american companies. g.e. says it's quote all in on the deal. proud of it. g.e. executive lorain is quoted as saying we don't sell bananas. we can't afford to take a decade off. unquote. with all due respect, you know what you could do with your bananas, g.e. that company is helping the chinese compete against america while its boss heads up the president's council on competitiveness. insane? i believe so. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, new gallup poll saying a number of republican challengers might defeat president obama in 2012. among register the voters mitt romney gets 48%. the president 46%. governor rick perry ties the president 47%, to 47%. ron paul very competitive. ron paul 45%, obama 47%.
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bachmann very close. obama 48%. bachmann 44%. what about this g.e. deal? i mean, is it me? is it me, mr. rove? you can tell me. is it me? >> look, american companies have the right to partner with whomever they want. i'm worried about two things on this. we know the practice of chinese companies is to require as a price of doing business with them, of being their partner. that you surrender, that you turn over valuable technology. that you, in essence, help their economy along by giving them your intellectual property rights. second of all, g.e. is talking about partnering with a company that does a lot of work with the chinese military. so, g.e.'s sophisticated avionics is going to be put into the hands of a company in essence supplies the chinese military including air force and navy with vital aviation equipment. >> bill: even beyond that jeffrey immelt, the ceo is in charge of the president's
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council on jobs and competitiveness. this takes jobs overseas to china. and it makes china more competitive against boeing. >> yeah, yeah. >> bill: wait. >> i got it are you surprised that this administration is so tone deaf on this? >> this administration tried to put. >> i know it is. just remember. they tried to put. >> he takes the jobs and the competitiveness. >> settle down. settle down. be calm. be calm. >> bill: i can't. it's outrageous. >> we're going to get you some yoga lessons. remember, this administration tried to put three people in the cabinet who didn't pay their federal income taxes. why are you surprised that they have got somebody in charge of their jobs panel who is busy shipping jobs over to china? >> bill: why? >> this is not the first example. they recently named the g.e.
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recently announced take part of medical equipment division and move it to china. the administration is tone deaf on this. i wish that i would suspect president obama would be well-served somebody in the west wing and call um immelt don't you have pressing business commitments that are going to require to you resign as chairman of the jobs committee? until he does that they are stuck with him. >> bill: get to the bottom of this. this is important. are you saying they don't care about the obama -- they don't care what they do? >> i think it's worse than that. i don't think these people are as good as they think they are. i don't think they think this is a problem. i don't think they see jeffrey immelt as anything other than a conduit for them to the fortune 100, fortune 500 community of ceos whom they can muscle for campaign contributions and back drops for -- >> bill: i know the mainstream media was hot reported. this the "the washington post" did reporting on it to be fair it is so outrageous and so
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hypocritical and so unnecessary that's why i'm making a big deal of it get to rick perry. you are a texan. he is a texas republican. you know the guy. you don't like him, do you. >> no, i do like him. i'm the guy who helped -- i was one of the two people who went to him in 1999 who convinced him to switch parties and become republican. i handled his first two campaigns for agriculture commissioner 8 94. i'm the guy who stowgd him who ought to be on his team and still today. >> bill: there is a lot of analysis in the air. what are your reservations? >> here is my deal. fox asked me to come on and be an analyst. mr. murdock pays you and he pays me and he pays us both for speaking our minds. i thought, frankly, it did not help governor perry's cause to come on and accuse the federal reserve chairman of being guilty of a crime punishable by death. and then to add to it by saying, quote, we would treat him ugly in texas, which is itself an
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ugly comment. i was critical of a comment in a way to hopefully discourage him from going down that path again. he wisely, the next day, walls given a chance by the "new york times" to repeat the charge and didn't i thought that was smart. everybody gets a mulligan. when i comintd on somebody running for president, republican or democrat. i'm trying to do for the fox viewer which is give my best analysis. sure i'm a partisan. >> bill: we need to know what's behind it. would you be happy if governor perry got the republican nomination? would that make you sneap. >> look, i'm going to be working zealously for whoever the republican nominee is. >> bill: so you don't care who it is. >> i do care. i want the best candidate to merge. who that best candidate is we don't yet know in my opinion. >> bill: you don't know who the best candidate is? >> no. i have got a favorite. and his name is bill o'reilly. >> bill: oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
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all right. now, i'm going to hold mr. rove over because i want to talk a little libya with him and then charles krauthammer will weigh in on libya as well. also ahead, governor perry under attack by trial lawyers. is it legal is investigating that and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: continuing with karl rove austin texas.
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i think president obama handled the libyan thing pretty well. what do you. >> i think he handled it adequately. he did a courageous thing by engaging in it. after all this is a by this condemned his predecessor's emphasis on democracy in the middle east. on february 28th he said qaddafi must go and then slow solid and delicately and awkwardly began to engage he did something that ran against counter. the policy is handed up. he ran too slowly. i think he mismanaged it this thing would have ended sooner and with less loss of life. it's not speculation. it's not speculation. i have confidence in the american military to deliver a lethal blow and flying surveillance and refueling missions is not the -- >> bill: here is the boxscore. no americans killed. costs kept down. air power and mediterranean
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would have been unleashed you would have had a lot of civilian casualties. bombing they did. >> not what you and i are discussing is speculative. qaddafi is gone after six months. is he out. not to come back again. no american dead. nato. >> incidentally no nato dead which shows if we put more american force we would have been in the same situation we are today. namely no american dead, no nato dead but a lot less civilian dead because this thing wouldn't have taken six months. two months, six weeks, eight weeks. the cost to the country would have been much greater if we had taken the lead of course. they would have been much less. the longer you have an operation like this. the more you have to put american men and women together out in the sea. doing the things american are doing. burning up jet fuel and resources. better to get this thing done in six weeks or eight weeks if you are concerned about costs than
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to let it linger on for six months. we have this planes orbiting for six months. if they could have gotten this thing done in two months, it would have cost us a lot less than six months of operations. >> bill: i don't know what the sortes are. our people are already there we didn't have to move them there. they are in place there. you might be right on this. it's all all speculative. if had you to give him a grade what would it be. >> i would give him a b. b minus. >> going forward, president obama is on vacation. president bush got hammered for his crawford vacations. you were down there cutting brush with him. i saw you out with a little hoe. >> never saw me. no photographic evidence of that whatsoever, bill, none at all. i don't begrudge him his vacation. >> fair to say economy is bad. obama is living large in the vineyard when that's what liberals did to bush during the iraq war when he was down in crawford. i don't think any of that is
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fair. i think these guys deserve a vacation. i do think the optics of. this $50,000 a week estate that he is renting and. >> isn't he paying it for -- >> no, he carries -- he pays for it himself. >> bill: that's good for the economy. whoever is getting the auto grand has got to be happy, right? >> well, you know, still, it looks a little disconnected. in fact, if i was critical of him, i would say, look, president, when he goes on vacation, really, you know, the white house goes with him in many respects. you continue to have a lot of work on the president's calendar day in and day out. for example, he has a junior g man coming in to brief him on the economy. you know, there is no afternoon devoted to geithner and all the buoy pew bas coming in. looks disconnected. >> you know, the plan is to pay the 50 grand and rent that he is
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paying and then attacks the guy a lot more and just get it right back. >> last year, last year. the irony is last year he rented his estate from the former republican national committee man from mississippi, a bush ambassador. democratic president was paying rent to republican in politico. >> i think we should all stop the nonsense and give the presidents the vacations they need. we can't have crazed exhausted people in there you need a break. particularly if you have -- >> you say this as a man come off a very nice vacation. vacation at hobe beach. i used to be a lifeguard for the town of babylon. i scump -- jump in the beach. kohl's me like $3.50. i'm a man of the people, mr. rove. you know that, i wasn't down there riding dirt bikes you and w. that's not you.
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i'm afraid of dirt bikes. >> that's what a lot of americans do to get good exercise like that. maybe you ought to try it out. >> bill: there isn't any brush on long island. if there was, i would cut it karl rove, everybody, give him hand. >> plenty of plants to cut out there. plenty of weeds to pick. >> bill: colonel ralph peters and charles krauthammer will analyze the qaddafi situation. and then, is president obama morphing into jimmy carter? crowley and colmes have thoughts on that subject upcoming.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, it is still chaotic in libya. there is no doubt the qaddafi era is over. after 42 years the dictator is out but nobody knows what's. in joining us now from washington to assess america's role on libyan action fox news
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strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. senator mccain says we should have been more aggressive in the action. karl rove gives president obama a b minus. what grade do you give him? >> you know, bill, i think president obama is the worst president since james buchanan in the 1850s. fair is fair. by dumb luck or planning or whatever he got libya just about right. i give him a strong b plus maybe a minus. are we there yet? why did it take so long? pretty quick for this sort of thing. casualties very low. nato had none. this is about as good as war gets. it's not a video game. >> bill: mccain and rove both say that if america had taken the lead in the air power situation, it would have been cut down from six to two months. thereby saving civilian lives and other lives in the conflict. what do you think?
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>> well, if we would have had the atomic bomb in 1942 -- >> bill: didn't have the ability to do that though. we didn't have the atomic bomb in '42. >> i think that was wanton criticism of obama, who is not my favorite guy. the rebels were disorganized mob in the beginning. they had to to slowly figure out how to be a semi organized mob. we saw in the last weeks and months, we saw as qaddafi's guy capability the rebels were increasing capability. so, i am not surprised it took this long. and, by the way. it's a very, very good thing, bill. that the renels feel they did it themselves. yes, with nato air support. this was overall libyan blood. a libyan operation. and that takes the taint of western imperialism and all of that nonsense out of it i think the financial times said that now we need western boots on the ground. absolutely not. libya is going to be
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demulti-ous. confused. we are not going to like all the election results. it's going to be mess were for years but better than qaddafi. >> bill: i wouldn't mind seeing the u.n. peace keepers like they have in haiti. imposing no police. >> bill: police evaporated bike iraq. police structure breaks down. do harm stealing stuff. qaddafi -- >> bill, if the libyans ask for help, that's fine. they got to ask. >> bill: can i find somebody. somebody will be wandering along. give him 10 bucks he will ask. get them in there so nobody is killed quaf, they will find him. is he probably slinking around closed like -- dressed like a girl. >> if the world is lucky, he will be killed. like in a fire fight or behind
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closed doors. save the world a circus and trial. >> bill: if you see them, shoot them? >> yes. otherwise, europeans are whining no, -- blah blah blah. >> why should he get the death penalty, colonel? >> killing americans on panam jet. >> wouldn't you like to see that proven in a court though he? i think it would be worthy to take him to the hague so the whole world can see exactly what he did in lockerbie, wouldn't that be worthy? >> the best thing qaddafi -- second best thing is qaddafi begging for mercy and humiliated. the worst thing is a defiant qaddafi in the dock rallying his last die harders, et cetera. have a certain nice finality to them. >> want them to get the mubarak. >> he didn't slaughter his own people. mubarak didn't slaughter americans. mubarak had many flaws. i don't like the guy but he was
2:26 am
not terrorist. qaddafi was -- he was a mass murderer. >> bill: he was a terrorist, is a terrorist. all right, colonel, always good to see you. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. some republicans believe barack obama has morphed into jimmy carter is that a fair comparison. is it legal on a scandal at the universal of miami. apparently football players there were provided with prostitutes. we hope it wasn't during the game. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra?
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>> bill: barack and hard place segment tonight, all the polls say the president's poll numbers are continuing to fall. it's almost entirely due to the shaky economy, of course. now some republicans have saying morphed into jimmy carter routed election 1980. isn't it a fact according to gallup at this point in his administration president obama's job approval rating averaging
2:30 am
about 42%. jimmy carter's approval rating at the same point in his administration was a dire 33%. here now fox news analyst alan colmes and monica crowley. so, it appears that mr. obama still has a pulse at this point. >> compare god jimmy carter. if we are drawing the analogy to carter and obama. actually, president obama would be lucky to be jimmy carter because his presidency has been so much worse. and by that i mean that carter was sort of a misguided center left kind of guy whose policies were all temporary. and, yes, they did lead to economic destruction, catastrophe in this country. high unemployment. high inflation. stagflation. high gas prices. they were temporary. when reagan came in shortly thereafter. he was able to institute policies that reversed all of those things. this guy's policies are much more permanent. and that's what makes them much more dangerous. >> bill: here is the deal with carter. you were just about, what 2 years old?
2:31 am
>> embryo. >> bill: people had to wait in line for gas. that was it once that happened -- you remember that colmes because you were older. >> i was much younger at the time. >> i was in denver working for channel 7 out there. people had to line up for hours to get gasoline. once that happened, he was dead. no matter what else he did, he was dead. then you had the iranian humiliation where he tried to rescue the hostage and he couldn't get them. by contrast, crowley, because you are not being fair here, obama had some big successes, getting bin laden, now qaddafi is out. you heard all three of our analysts. you know, basically say he did a decent job getting that guy out of there. so, i don't know if he is carter. >> well, first of all the air of spring could tear turn into air of winter. >> bill: could? >> muslim brotherhood is orchestrating the entire transition. so it could turn into a disaster over night, bill. the other point that you make about the gas lines which did destroy carter because we are consumer society and it hit
2:32 am
everybody. in this economy, what you have is everybody incredibly high and stubborn unemployment which is affecting 10% of the population. that could be just as destructive to his re-election as the gas lines were. >> if things continue to going the way they are going. president obama will be at 33% next year. the time for the democratic convention in charlotte, north carolina. he could be at 33% if the economy continues to go down. >> ronald reagan's lowest was at 35%. and that george h.w. bush, bush 41 was at this point in the presidency comparable time to where obama is now was at 74% and he lost the election. you can go -- >> bill: you can't be optimistic about it. >> i'm hopeful. and, of course,. >> why are you hopeful? >> i'm hopeful that the economy is going to get better. >> insane ideological beliefs? >> are you suggesting i simply want this to happen for my own personal benefit? is that what you are suggesting?
2:33 am
>> with you colmes, thinking about you when i was writing a talking points memo. >> jeffrey immelt. he gets appointed, this guy. crowley is giggling over here wait. you are going to dodge. >> i'm not going to dodge. to head the president's council on competitive, job creation. shifts jobs to china is that not insane? >> it does not look good. >> come on, how does that nod look good. everybody. thank you. does not look good. okay. we want to go after g.e. because they don't pay any taxes. >> bill: we don't want to go after g.e. i am going after obama because they appointed him. >> whatever we can do to go after obama, let's do it, okay? >> this is crazy. boeing is an american company. it makes planes. >> how much influence do you think immelt has in the obama
2:34 am
administration. >> what do you think he does? do you think is he telling obama what to do? >> chats, yeah. a few chats. >> whatever you say, jeff. whatever you say, pal. >> this is a terrible economic decision. >> immelt is tied to obama. look what he did. >> head of the commission. oh by god. what does that mean. >> what's he doing? >> what is this commission doing? >> please. you mentioned boeing. boeing is the number one exporter. national relations labor board billion-dollar facility in right-to-work state in south carolina, that's number one. squashing job creation. you talk about jeffrey immelt, he exported his entire -- g.e.'s entire x-ray division to china and the point about this. >> bill: they used to be in
2:35 am
wisconsin. >> jeffrey immelt is still the chairman of the jobs competitive council. >> oh my god! he is the chairman of the jobs competitive thick. oh my god. >> bill: do you think that's going to do president obama any good? >> i don't think they care. oh my god, let's tie immelt to obama. >> bill: up until six months ago, jeffrey immelt was in charge of msnbc, the network, why couldn't they have been sent to china? they would like it there. it's the economy they love. >> why didn't jeff move them. >> you have this thing about immelt. >> i really have a thing. >> bill: i am not. it is just crazy. all right. barack and hard place, everybody. come right back, big scandal at the university of miami. football players allegedly provided with prostitutes by a con man. charles krauthammer on vice president biden saying something very controversial in china has to do with one child policy. those reports after these
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. three interesting situations beginning with trial lawyers trying to raise big money to oppose texas governor rick perry. also has to do with tort reform. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. we know governor perry signed a law into texas. a very strict measure that if you file a lawsuit and it's deemed frivolous, i guess, by a judge, right? >> by a judge. >> bill: the judge has to make a decision. that you can be held accountable for all court costs, including, you know, how are suing, pay everything. >> a frivolous lawsuit. >> bill: lawyers don't like that. cuts into their business. how effective and fair is this law? >> the law that. >> that perry signed. >> it's great. it's a great idea. england has this law that if you file a frivolous lawsuit, then you are going to have to pay the
2:40 am
lawyers fees on both sides. >> bill: you are repeating back to me what i said. but is it effective and is it fair? >> yes. it keeps people from filing those lawsuits that should never have been filed in the first place. >> bill: how do you know it keeps people from filing. >> look at the british system. they don't have the frivolous lawsuits. >> bill: what you are telling me, wiehl, is that you, a graduate of harvard law school saying that all these lawyers opposing of governor perry are wrong evil people. >> no. i'm not saying they are wrong. -- for the lawsuit. i think this in spirit might be a good idea but in reality, in patrol car particular cattle, it can cause problems because you do have a right to a jury trial in this country. i think when you impose too many limits, you are going to up to a
2:41 am
responsible person a judge to decide whether it's frivolous or not. >> limit damages for people who suffer real serious injuries, a loss of limb. >> bill: they capped the damages? >> correct. pain and suffering that is real. people who have lost body parts. the ability to bear children. >> bill: right now the system is out of control and putting medical people, doctors and nurses, they are leaving the profession they can't afford to pay the insurance premiums. >> i agree it's problematic. but to go to one extreme. >> bill: you think -- wait. you think it's an extreme. >> yes. you want the facts. the facts are that the average jury award in the civil case is $25,000. you hear about in the news. >> bill: that shouldn't be a problem. >> you hear about in the news a an extreme cases verdicts are set aside or reduced. we have a system of checks and balances. >> they can settle out of court they don't have to get to that point. >> it isn't a black and white issue that there are other aspects of it that should be -- >> bill: do you think lawyers are right to try to hurt perry by raising money against him.
2:42 am
>> i don't think that's the right idea either in terms of the super pac. >> bill: because i want this tort reform. are you ready for some football and for some hookers? apparently there is a con man in the -- who got involved with the university of miami football team who got popped. what did he get arrested for? >> nevin shapiro basically a ponzi scheme. up to 930-million-dollar ponzi scheme up to $230 million that he was personally involved in. and he went to 20 years. security fraud violation. then he says that okay, i'm a bad guy, but i was involved with the university of miami and i gave these guys money. call girls and all of that. why should we believe in this guy. >> yahoo sports who got the exclusive interview with him. interviewing him was able to answer all of his bankruptcy records. 20,000 pages of records.
2:43 am
5,000 pages of cell phone calls. nine interviews with former coaches, players, people who. >> you believe the allegations? >> backed up by evidence and fact. >> the players have come forward and said yes. i was there at this party and the prostitute was here and three other people were. >> i do believe. >> maybe not all of them because is he in jail for 20 years and he is just singing like a jail bird. >> get him out of jail, does it? >> angry. >> is he mad because none of these players that were taking the pictures with him getting the cars and girls aren't visiting him and he is lonely in prison right now. it's ridiculous. >> university of miami, a big school in trouble? >> right. whole university because you have eight coaches naming and saying these coaches saying what i was doing. >> 73 players. >> 73 players at least. >> over a 10 year period? >> 2002 to 2010, yeah. >> what i'm more concerned is the coaches and the
2:44 am
administration. the players, i mean, whatever. >> donna shalala is the president down there. >> has nothing to do with it. they are innocent until proven guilty so we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt? >> it's not good news for the kansas down there in south florida. >> no. big trouble. >> all right ladies. thanks very much. charles krauthammer on deck. he has some thoughts on -- man dating one child. charles will look at libya. and we'll be right back.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. vice president in japan. he is ended the visit to china with one child mandate. >> your policy has been one which i fully understand. i'm not second-guessing, of one
2:48 am
child per family. the result being that you're in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. not sustainable. >> here is what biden is talking about. because china forces, forces families to have just one child, there will not be enough wage earns to provide government assistance to the sick and elder derly. the v t thinks the policy is bad on those grounds. by saying he yundz stands the one child policy, which is totalitarianism on his light he has left himself open to severe criticism. joining us from washington, fox news analyst charles krauthammer who is outside because he just escaped death in the earthquake that happened in virginia, right? just got out of there. >> i have escaped with my life and with the clothes on my back. >> bill: you are all right though, charles. nothing -- >> no. i'm all right. >> bill: we don't want to make light of. this earthquake and i enjoyed it? >> we don't want to make light of it because there was damage and this and that.
2:49 am
earthquake was in virginia. it just rippled through a lot of places, and the actual elevators in the fox news building don't work, that's why charles are sitting out in the street. >> that's why i'm outside on a traffic island. >> bill: there you go. so, vice president biden is on an island now of his own making. you know, a guy with that much experience and he he knows, you know, you don't say why you forced families not to have any more than one kid, do you? >> the vice president of the united states never said policy immoral as that i understand. this is one of the failings of this administration. yes, we cannot do anything about china's one child policy. we cannot unilaterally change the regime in syria and iran. this administration simply refuses to speak out on the basic fundamental moral issues on which reunited. the number of forced abortions in china as a result of, this the misery and thankfully the
2:50 am
torture that people have felt having to destroy a child even infanticide is outrageous. for a vice president to say he understands is essentially to negate and betray our values. >> bill: what happens to a chinese family that defies the ban and has more than one child? do they get put in a gulog or what happens to them, do you know. >> no. i think it varies from town to town. village to village. it varies with the humanity and leniency with the communist official. you are in control of the communist party official in your town, in your village. if they decide you have to have an abortion. you have an abortion. have a child or you have a child in secret. or you will give a child away. or you dual an abortion on your own. preemptively. look. india tried this and that's a democracy. many, many years ago, the people in the democracy spoke up and
2:51 am
said no, and ultimately it was cancelled. but, in china, which is a dictatorship and forget it because it's also capitalist. but it is a communist dictatorship. the other disaster that's going to happen because in china. a male child is valued over a female child. a lot of the infanticide and abortions have been for girls. as a result, there are going to be tens of millions, unmarried, men on the loose essentially in china in the next generation which will be a huge problem for china and its surroundings. aside from the policy issue, is the moral issue. and this administration refuses to speak out on the fundamental moral issues. >> pretty outrageous if you think what the chinese government puts people through not only in this area but other areas as well. real quick, we have about a
2:52 am
minute. colonel peters gave b plus in libya. karl rove gave him b minus. you give him. >> have you got to give him an incomplete. because the easy part is the toppling we brought down the in afghanistan. 63 days. that was the easy part. of the problem was the next nine years. we brought down sodom next three weeks. then came the five years destabilizer. now divided by tribe, by ideology, by region, and we have to have something on the ground. i think we need to have a nato police force on the ground because if we do not exert influence through that instrument, libya could become a disaster, as somalia or even worse. an al qaeda state. in just removing qaddafi, you would give obama a? >> i give him a b plus on
2:53 am
removing stage one. as we discovered in afghanistan in iraq. the big issue always is stage 2. >> bill: thanks as always. we appreciate it pinheads and patriots on deck. david letterman and the jihad in the spotlight this evening. right back with p and p. my name's jeff. i'm a dad, coach, and i was a longtime smoker. in my heart i knew for the longest time that did not want to be a smoker. and the fact that i failed before. i think i was discouraged for a very long time. ♪ knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. [ jeff ] chantix reduced my urge to smoke, and personally that's what i knew i needed. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away.
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>> bill: i do let the guests answer. but the answers must be pithy. no bloviating. factual not propaganda. those are the no spin rules that lead to interruptions sometimes. >> bill: that's excellent. we have a new project coming up involving the warriors. it involves all five living american presidents. i will announce the first week in september. >> bill: we didn't actually kill anybody.
2:57 am
in showbiz that means we were good. >> bill: thank you for all the nice mail guys. got tons of letters. clips from the show are posted on for premium members. next week we open them up to everybody. for upcoming shows in connecticut, virginia and atlantic city available on >> finally, pinheads and patriots. apparently some crazy jihadists are threatening david letterman on the net. >> you people are more than an audience tonight, really. more than an audience. you are more like a human shield. [ laughing ]
2:58 am
>> i'm so sorry i'm a little late coming out. back stage i was talking the guy from cbs we were going through the cbs life insurance policy. to see if i was covered for jihad. >> bill: for mocking the threats mr. letterman is a patriot. i know what he is going through, it has happened to me. we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be lugubrious when writing to the factor. by the way, hickey freeman doing a great job with the suits. look at this collar. skip this never waivers. always right there. you want your letter on the
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air give me a headline let me know what you are talking about. our skis we have spotters they come to me and select them. give me that great headline. o'reilly you -- fill in the blank. keep it clean. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, august 24th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. panic on the east coast. magnitude 5.8 earthquake sending shock waves from georgia to canada and damaged some of our nation's most iconic buildings. all the information on the kwashg straight ahead. >> qaddafi's compound seized by rebels and his home raided for all its worth and this video a sign of the times but the dictator remains defiant until


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